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Explore Luxury Handmade Streetwear That Bridges the Gap Between Casual and High-Street Fashion

Parc District is a shout out to the rec center kids, the outcasts, and the counterculture.

We think for ourselves and question the ordinary with style and class that push the envelope and push us forward while never losing sight of our roots.


Our everyday luxury streetwear speaks for itself, but never shouts. Our pieces are made to tell your story, fuel your passion, and elevate your look while bridging the gap between casual and high-street fashion using fabrics that feel like a second skin. Each piece is as unique as art, handmade and born out of a bright spark of love for the communities that inspired their creation.


Our limited, hand-made pieces are designed for self-expression - not mass production. Our collections are completely unique and evolve with the fluidity of culture and fashion, giving you something fresh and alive with the beating pulse of urban style and culture.


Other streetwear brands may say they are unique, but Parc District walks its talk and embodies discernment. From hoodies to jogger pants, to rich bold tees, each limited quantity piece is crafted by hand in a factory warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles, the eternal hotbed for fearless fashion and diversity.

When you wear Parc District, you wear the coalescence of millions of stories, the clamoring for the light of art in dark places, and the love of a community that believes you should be exactly who you want to be.

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